Product Range


Tirupati Plastomatics is one of the largest manufacturer of LT Power Control, House wire, Flexible, Submersible, ACSR, AAC, AAAC, ABC, Dry & Jelly filled Telecommunication cables, FRLS cables etc under the brand name of”Tirupati Plastomatics”. The company developed a wide variety of cables for Diversified users and in the only cables company to offer comprehensive range of cables needed by all circles of the economy vise Power and Electricity, Railways, Thermal Power Projects, Tele communications and various other public sector under takings.

Tirupati Plastomatics have reached a major milestone to it’s rapid growing trade record. The Company has been awarded ISO-9001 by Moody International UKAS accredited certification bearing eloquent testimony to the stringent quality that is hallmark of Tirupati Plastomatics Products. The Certification is but one additional guarantee that our customers can be rest assured of the total product satisfaction.

Quality has been on top for us. The reliability of our cables is due to the very special care taken at the incoming raw-material stage as also the individual process of manufacture. Latest testing equipments are installed in our testing laboratory and on the shop floor and in our quality control section. Computerized Electrical test set-ups have been installed in all the units to test comprehensively the electrical parameters like conductor resistance, resistance unbalance, capacitance, capacitance unbalance attenuation, impedance, cross talk etc. Any material not meeting up to the required standards can not escape the vigilant scrutiny of our most dedicated team of skilled technicians in the quality control department our costumers thus could be rest assured that Tirupati Plastomatics will give them trouble free performance for many years.

Quality, delivery & competitive prices assure customers satisfaction in our strongest defense against competition and the only path to sustained growth and earnings. It is our progressive corporate culture which allows us to develop and leverage our knowledge, skills, Imagination and courage so that a dynamic and result oriented organization is created.
At Tirupati we recognize and ensure our responsibility adhere to strong business ethics to act responsibily towards environments and our neighbors and to support communities in which we do business simply put we are driver by our desire “To do the right thing”.

The sales turnover of the group companies has been to this turn of.

Our Quality Policy is achieving customer satisfaction striving towards customer delight through :

  • Reliable and Dependable Products at competitive price.
  • Timely Delivery.
  • Continuous improvement in 3 ps namely product, process and personnel.

Because, our satisfaction remains in our customers’ DELIGHT’.