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Aluminium Alloy Conductor Steel Reinforced Conductors (AACSR) is a concentrically stranded conductor composed of one or more layers of 6201-T81 Aluminium Alloy (Aluminium-Magnesium-Silicon) wire stranded with a high-strength coated steel core. The core may be single wire or stranded depending on the size.The proportions of aluminium alloy and steel can be varied to obtain the relation between current carrying capacity and mechanical strength best suited to each application.

Core wire for AACSR is available with Class A, B or C-galvanized; “aluminized” (AZ): or aluminium clad (AW) coating to provide protection from corrosion.Additional corrosion protection is available through the application of grease to the core or infusion of the complete cable with grease.

AACSR Conductors have approx. 40% to 60% more strength than comparable standard ACSR with only 8 to 10% decrease in conductivity.

Applicable Standard:

Aluminium Conductors, Aluminium-Clad Steel Reinforced (ACSR/AW) is designed and tested to meet or exceed the following specifications:

  • BS EN 50182
  • ASTM B-711
  • IEC 61089


The high tensile strength of the 6201-T81 wires combined with the high strength of steel provides an exceptionally high strength conductor with good conductivity, which can be used in long spans. These are used in Transmission and Distribution system to carry the generated electrical energy from the generating station to the end user.

These homogeneous conductors in aluminium alloy show many advantages i.e. lightness, high breaking load allowing long spans, simplicity of the accessories and lastly easy recycling. These conductors are suitable for the long spans network.

The excellent resistance of AACSR conductor to corrosion enables them to be used in coastal areas as well.

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