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MVCC (Medium Voltage Covered AAA Conductor)

Covered Conductors are longitudinally water blocked and covered with special grades of materials that provide insulation and ultraviolet protection. These conductors provide safety against accidental contact and are a major help in significantly reducing outages.

Design Generally Confirming to EN 50397-1:2006

  • Three Layer Covered Conductor
  • Conductor-All Aluminium Alloy (AAAC) or Aluminum Conductor Steel-Reinforced (ACSR)

Conductor Shield-

  • Semiconducting Compound – Extend the service life of the covered conductor

Inner Insulation Layer-

  • Crosslinked Low Density Polyethylene – more flexible, High impulse strength, protect from phase-to-phase and phase-to-ground contact

Outer Layer-

  • Crosslinked High Density Polyethylene – Abrasion and Impact Resistant, Stress-Crack Resistant, Titanium Dioxide, the most effective UV inhibitor, and providing the best track resistant

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