Management Team

Management Team

R.S Gemini

Managing Director

A Graduate in BA from Agra University, Tirupati Plastomatics MD Mr. R S Gemini is one of those few entrepreneurs in the Indian business landscape who can mark his career with the growth pace of the country. He exhibited his entrepreneurial bent of mind and 40 years’ experience for exponential growth of the company. Apart from cable manufacturing, he has diversified this group into a conglomerate with a turnover in excess of INR 800 Crores.

Management Team

Ravi Gemini

Director- Marketing

Mr Ravi Gemini has been responsible for the daily operations of the company and further he looks into the diverse affairs of the organization on a regular basis. Ravi is a recognized and an accomplished expert in the Indian cable and wire Industry with an experience of more than 25 years.

A man known for his straightforwardness and respect for mutual growth. He plays a vital role in strategic planning and financial analysis for the Group in addition to maintaining and nurturing business and investor relations.

Management Team

Kapil Gemini

Director- Operations

A Director with Tirupati is a symbol of performance, drive and affirmation with zeal to always excel. An expert in numerous management methods, he influences the internal and external dynamics of the organization, synergizing them with success. A passionate leader, Mr. Kapil Gemini, inspiring people through a shared vision and creating an environment where people feel valued and fulfilled, make a positive difference in the world. According to Kapil, the only way one can keep growing as a leader is through the constant cycle of learning, unlearning and relearning. The ability to put this knowledge and information into perspective is what helps a leader to mature.

Management Team

Megha Gemini


Mrs. Megha Gemini is taking care the whole sole employment engagement & human resources activity of our Company. She holds Master Degree in Political sciences from University of Rajasthan and is having 10 Years’ experience in this industry. She is entrusted with the responsibility to looks after Administrative and Compliance and Human Resource function of the Company. She is involved in the day to day activities of the Company.

Management Team

Pragyan Gemini


Mr Pragyan has been responsible for managing the strategic marketing for several products of the company. Pragyan has an outgoing, gregarious and spontaneous nature.

His expertise lies in his approaches to strategic direction and marketing within the organization. He also assists the organization with the role of leading the strategic process and preparing for implementation. He has a dream of taking the company to newer heights.

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