Product Range

Single and Multicore Copper and Aluminium armourd and Unarmourd PVC Cables

The cables are suitable for use on AC single phase or three phase (earthed or unearthed) systems for rated voltage up to and including 1000 volts. These cables can be used on DC systems for rated voltage up to and including 1500 volts to earth.

Multicore Cables of stranded aluminum/Copper conductors are insulated with XLPE compound rated 90°C, assembled together, inner covering, and metallic armour with round/flat wire/tape of aluminum/aluminum alloy/ Steel and overall jacket of polyethylene/polyvinyl chloride/FRLS/ halogen-free compound cables are produced according to IS:7098(Part-1), IEC 60502-1, BS 5467, BS 6724 and SANS 1506-4.

Manufacturing Range

  • Aluminium and Copper Conductors
  • Single Core Cables up to 1000 sqmm
  • Multi Core Cables up to 630 sqmm
  • Control Cables of 1.5, 2.5 and 4 up to 61 Cores
  • Single and Double Armoured General Purpose and Mining Cables
  • All type of cables available with PVC/FR-LSH/ZHLSFR/ POLYETHENE Sheathing.

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