Product Range

Instrumentation cable

solid/stranded/flexible tinned or plain copper conductor, PVC / PE / XLPE insulated, individual and/or overall screened / Braided core/Pair/Triad/Quad laid up, PVC / PE Inner sheathed, Unarmoured / Galvanised Wire / Strip Armoured or ATC wire braided, PE / PVC (with or without FR / FRLSH / LSZH properties) sheathed cables as per different National and International Standards BS 5308 (Part-I & II) and other relevant specification).

Construction :

Cores / Pairs / Triads / Quads

Range :

0.5/0.75/1.0/1.5/2.5 Sq. mm with up to 61 Cores / Pairs / Triads / Quads (higher sizes are also available on Customer requirements)

Voltage Grade :

Up to 1100 Volts

Conductor :

Annealed plain / Tinned high conductivity electrolytic grade solid/stranded flexible copper conductors of class 1, 2, or 5 as per BS EN 60228, IS: 8130 & relevant specification

Insulation :

PVC (General Purpose / Heat Resistant / LSZH) / PE / XLPE as per BS EN 50290-2-21, 23,26 &29,1S:5831, 1S:7098(P-1) and other relevant specification

Identification :

For cores — by colored insulation or by Number printing, For Pair / Triad / Quad — by color insulation / Number printing or by numbered polyester tape

Twisting :

Insulated cores shall be twisted to form Pair / Triad / Quad with different lay to minimize the cross-talk

Screening :

Individual and/or overall with options like Aluminium Mylar / Copper tape with ATC drain wire or Braided with bare or Tinned copper or Combination of the above two

Laying :

Core / Pair / Triad / Quad are assembled in concentric or unit formation with suitable lay length

Inner Sheath :

PVC ST 1/ST 2 with or without FR / FRLSH / LSZH properties as per BS EN 50290-2-22 & 27,1S:5831 & other relevant specification

Armouring :

Galvanised steel wire / flat strip or wire braiding as per BS EN 10257-1, IS:3975 & other relevant specification

Outer Sheath :

PVC ST 1 / ST 2 with or without FR / FRLSH / LSZH properties as per BS EN 50290-2-22 & 27,1S:5831 & other relevant specification

RIP Cord :

As per customer requirements, Ripcord is provided for easy removal of the sheath

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