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MV Aerial Bunched Cable

6.35/11 KV & 19/33 KV Medium Voltage AB cables are highly reliable and insulation has been developed to withstand extreme cold and intense sunlight. Disturbance and faults occur five to ten times more often in open wires lines than in AB cable lines. There is no risk in touching the live cable and the insulation reduces the number of short circuits and overvoltage faults in overhead cables during thunderstorms. Few hardware accessories are needed which are different for different sizes of cables.

Stranded circular compacted Aluminium conductor, semiconducting layer as conductor screen, XLPE insulated, semiconducting layer as non-metallic insulation screen. Copper tape and/or wire as metallic insulation screen, each core jacketed by individually PVC/ polyethylene compound three cores assembled together around bare/insulated AAAC/Steel messenger wire. Cables are confirming generally IS:7098 (Part-2) as per IEC 60502-2 or BS 6622 or other IEC/BS Specifications.

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