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LV Control Cables

Control cable are predominantly found within automation, process and control industries. They are used to interconnect cable to measure, control and regulate computer programmed production machines. The flexible cables are most commonly used on production lines.

Control provide signal transmission among facilities at large industrial sites and commercial buildings. Such cables are with PVC and XLPE insulation, ensuring superior construction. They are flame retardant, fireproof and eco-friendly according to the application. Furthermore, they are highly-shielded and thus applicable to precision equipment and are excellent at preventing intervention and external noise during signal transmission.

In size 1.5,2.5 & 4 Sqmm normally up to 61 cores. Voltage grade up to 1100 Volts.Manufactured as per IS:1554 (Part-1), BS 6346, IEC 60502-1 & IEC 227-1

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