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Fire Survival Cables

These cables offer the advantages of an armoured 600/1000V rated, zero halogen, low smoke cable with circuit integrity. Need of ensuring safe operation of critical circuits is essential in today’s installations. Normal cables used in such installations render useless in fire incidences. At Suraj Cables, your safety is our concern. These cables – also known as CIRCUIT INTEGRITY CABLES are designed to sustain the high temperatures for a defined minimum period of time under direct fire. These cables are useful to maintain their integrity during the defined period of fire. The construction of these cables is different if compared with ordinary cables. The conductor is manufactured with a specially designed heat barrier and fire-resistant insulation which resists the fire to reach conductor surface. The cable continues to remain into operation at high temperatures like 650°C, 750°C and 950°C as per various conditions of operation and applications. Wires offering same properties are also available.


These cables are manufactured and C-W-Z tested in accordance with BS 7846, IS 7098(P-1), IEC 69331 and BS 6387 for required temperatures and duration – depending upon the application of cable and site conditions.

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