Railway Signalling Cables

railway_signalingAs a result of incessant technical research we have developed a comprehensive design capability based on sound engineering practices to help the customer meet his technical requirements. Tirupati Plastomatics is the largest supplier of specialized cables to Indian Railways.

Tirupati Plastomatics takes pride in having developed and designed wide varieties of cables to various international and customers specifications. We developed a totally new cable with very advanced design features viz. 4 Quad Axle Counter Cables for the Indian Railways with extremely low capacitance unbalance and reduction factor values, in view of the stringent usage and safety requirements.

Tirupati Plastomatics is among the few Cable companies who manufacture the following types of cables for Indian Railway.

  • Underground Railway signalling Cables.
  • Underground Railway Quad Axle Counter Cables.
  • Power Cables.
  • Specialized Instrumentation cables for underground and elevated Metro Projects.

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