The factory is equipped with most modern machinery. The stranding machine is designed to produce round and sector shaped compacted conductors with maximum filling factor to give lowest possible dimension without disturbing the specified electrical parameters.

The Insulating extruder can extrude both PVC and Polythene to cater high quality requirements for Power and Communication Cables, such as required in Jelly Filled Quad and Communication systems. As such the machine is equipped with most sensitive PID temperature controlling indicators, conductor preheating arrangement, non-contact diameter controlling BETA equipment along with the line to monitor quality and dimensions of the insulated conductors precisely.


Laying up of cores are undertaken on a dynamically balanced machine to ensure even distribution of tension and lay angle to achieve proper lay ratio. This is very important for the signaling and communication cable.

Where Jelly Filling is to be done on quad and Communication Cables, ITW Sophisticated equipment is used with correct temperature and pressure, so that interstices are filled as to make the Cable void free.

On the Jelly Filled Cores, Poly-Al Tape is applied and simultaneously sheathed by high grade moisture impervious black polythene compound.

PVC Extruder with Compound
Drying Hopper Computerized


Steel Taping Head



The company has the facility to amour cables with G.I. Wire, G.I. Strip and as well as with steel tape as required. The machines are so adjusted as to give almost a torsion free armoring for G.I. Wire to avoid snaking of Cables during laying up operation. The steel taping head with its half tangential adjustable arms provide right amount of over lapping with tension-free grip so that no slippage of Amour is experienced during bending operation.

Company’s sheathing extruders allow the operator to sheath cable with specified thickness and finish. The closed circuit screw cooling screw do not allow any fluctuation of extrudate during operation.