HT Cables

HT Cables- Medium Voltage Electric Cable

Voltage Range- 3.3 KV to 33 KV
Medium voltage cables to IEC 60502-2 (Design and Consideration)

A high voltage cable (HV cable) is a cable used for electric power transmission at high voltage. A cable includes a conductor and insulation, and is suitable for being run underground or underwater. This is in contrast to an overhead line, which does not have insulation.
Single core or Three core cables consist of the following components:

Conductors are made of copper or aluminium. Conductor design is usually circular stranded, and compacted. Our conductor design is in compliance with the requirements of IEC 60228 and BS 6360 Specification.

Triple extrusion of inner semi-conductor (conductor screen). XLPE insulation, and outer semi-conductor (insulation screen) is applied. XLPE insulation is water cured. XLPE insulation is as per the requirements of IEC 60502-2 or as per customer’s requirements.

Metallic screen
The metallic screen is usually made of copper wires or copper tape. Radial water sealing such as AL-pe laminate and longitudinal water sealing may be applied upon customer’s request.

All cables cores are laid up together with usage of non hygroscopic filler material. These fillers are temperature compatible with all different cable layers such insulation, bedding and sheath.

Armour material can be either aluminium for single core cables or steel for multi core cables. Armour can be either wires or tapes. Our cable armouring is in compliance with the requirements of IEC 60502-2 and BS 6622.

Outer sheath/ Jacket
Our cables sheaths are made of an extruded layer of PVC or PE material and are in compliance with the requirements of IEC 60502-2 and BS 7655 Specification. We are also capable of providing cable sheaths with special requirements to be.

  • Oil & Gasoline retardent
  • Ozone/ acid/ alkali retardent
  • Flame retardent and in compliance with requirements of IEC 60332-1 and IEC 61034-2
  • Termite retardent
  • Low smoke halogen free and in compliance with requirements of BS 7211 and BS 6724

Testing of Medium Voltage Power Cables
We Tirupati Plastomatics Cable Company, are capable of performing all standard routine tests and sample tests that are normally carried out in accordance to IEC 60502-2 standards. We have all necessary equipment for such tests such as high voltage labs and special ovens.
We are also capable of performing tests in accordance with international or national requirements as agree upon with customers.

Routine Tests

  • Measurements of the Electrical Resistance of Conductors
  • Partial Discharge Test
  • High Voltage Test
    • 2 (3)
      Sample Tests

      • Conductor Examination
      • Check of Dimensions
      • Hot Set Test for XLPE Insulations

      In Ht Cables mainly two type of cables are available

      • Single core XLPE Cable
      • Three cores XLPE Cable


      • High tensile strength
      • Resistant to chemical and corrosive gases
      • Excellent Electrical and Physical properties
      • Good Ageing
      • Excellent Resistance to Thermal Deformation
      • Not Affected by Vibration

      4 (2)

      • Capability of Carrying Large Currents
      • Free from Height Limitation and Maintenance
      • Ease Of Installation
      • Higher Current Rating
      • Higher Short Circuit Rating
      • Longer Service Life
      • Low Dielectric loss


      • For Installations Outdoor in Ground, in Ducts and Indoor on trays
      • Electric power transmission at high voltage
      • Transmission of high voltage in various industrial and commercial applications
      • Transmission and Distribution
      • Instruments, ignition systems, and AC and DC power transmission
      • Power Sector
      • Industrial sector
        • We are also manufacturing High Voltage Cables to IS: 7098 (Part-2).