Flexible Cables

Gemini Flexible Cables
General Construction

Tirupati Plastomatics have developed an extensive range of PVC Flexible Wires to meet the requirement of its customers.Tirupati Plastomatics PVC single and multicore flexible cables make a big difference wherever they are installed. They don’t merely deliver power, they do so with maximum efficiency and security. With stronger materials, surer conductors and safer insulation,Tirupati Plastomatics have minimized loss while improving electricity transfer and transient. All the products are manufactured as per IS:694:1990.


Electrolytic grade, high conductivity,solid / stranded / flexible /plain / tinned copper as per IS:694/1990.


The PVC covering over conductor is called insulation and provided by extrusion process.The insulated conductor is called a core. As per IS-694 the insulation should be of Type – A PVC compound as per IS-5831 and it is suitable for 70°C continuous operation. FR / FRLS insulation is also provided.


The PVC coating on core and on laid up cores in case of multicore Flexible cables is called SHEATH. As per IS-694 it should be of Type ST-1PVC compound as per IS-5831.

Wires can be supplied with FR/FRLS properties also.