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EBM Cured Cross Linked Elastomeric Cables

EVM has been used for many years in the wire and cable industry, in particular where there is a need for flame retardant non corrosive products (FRNC). The FRNC concept has led to EVM compounds being used in flooring and profiles where safety is needed in public buildings such as subway stations, airports and computer centers.

Elastomeric compounds for insulating and sheathing of cables are formulated to meet the requirement of BS 6899, IEC 60502 and IEC 60092 other international specification

GENERAL CONSTRUCTION “Conforming to IS 9968 Part I”


Annealed tinned Copper wires Solid “Class 1”, Stranded “Class 2” flexible “Class 5” complying with the requirement of BS 6360/IE 60228


Tape Suitable Material Separator Tape may be applied over the conductor. Insulation General Service elastomer compound / Heat Resisting elastomer compound / Silicone rubber as per IEC 60092 “351”, BS-7655, VDE-0207Pt.-20

Core Identification

Colored insulation, Nos. Polyester tape, Coloured proofed tape, Nos. printing.


Natural or synthetic fibers or elastomer suitable for the operating temperature and compatible with the insulating material.


General Service elastomeric compound / Heavy Duty elastomeric compound as per IEC 60092 “359”, BS-7655, VDE 0207Pt.-21

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