TP FRTEK 20E Fire Resistant Cables “Enhanced”

TP FRTEK 20E Fire Resistant Electric Cables “Enhanced”

Specification :
TP FRTEK20S Fire Survival cables are manufactured in accordance to BS 7629:2008 Part 1.

Fire Performance Test :
BS EN 50200 PH-120 & BS 8434-2.

Application :
Fire alarm systems, Fire detection systems for Buildings, Critical lighting, Emergency Voice Alarm systems etc.

Conductor :
Copper conductor to BS EN 60228.

Primary Insulation :
Mica glass fire resistant tape.

Secondary Insulation :
Cross-linkable Silicone Rubber Type EI2 to BS EN 50363-1.

Earth / Drain Wire :
Tinned annealed copper conductor.

Screening :
Laminated Aluminium tape.

Sheath :
Thermoplastic Sheath Type LTS 3, having low smoke zero halogen characteristic.

Voltage Rating :

TP FRTEK 20E complies with the recommendation of “Enhanced” Fire Resisting cables as per BS5839 when tested to BS EN 50200 PH-120 & BS 8434-2.