Fire Resistant Tests

Fire Resistant Tests

BS EN 50200:2006:
Fire performance “Standard Test” as per BS 5839 Part 1 & 8 (For Cables with diameter less than 20mm).

BS EN 50200:2006 Class PH 30 :
Fire with Mechanical Shock – 850C.

BS EN 50200:2006 Annex-E :
Fire with Mechanical Shock plus Fire with Mechanical Shock with Water at 850C.

BS 6387:1994:
Performance requirements for cables required to maintain circuit integrity under fire conditions. Applicable to cables rated at voltages not exceeding 450/750V.

BS 8434-2:2009 :
Fire performance “Enhanced Test” as per BS 5839 Part 1, 8 & 9 (For conductor size upto and including 4sq mm) Method for assuessment of fire integrity of small cables for use in emergency Circuits. Retain Circuit Integrity at 930C.Duration of test is 120 mins. Initial 60 mins. with Fire and Impact followed by an additional 60 mins. with Fire, Impact and Water Phase.