Products Information

Products Information



Cables are manufactured with Stranded, Shaped Annealed Aluminum / Copper Conductors.

Stranding makes Cables flexible and easy to handle, while shaping makes them compact.

Copper Conductor Cables have higher tensile strength, superior conductivity, better flexibility and ease of jointing. Copper cables are used in control, instrumentation, winding, submarine, mining, ship wiring applications etc.

Inner Sheath

Laid up cables are provided with inner sheath with high quality PVC to act as bedding for steel wire/ strip armoring.
Polymers used for inner sheath are softer than insulation or outer sheath & are compatible with temperature ratings of cables.
Inner Sheath is applied either with extrusion or by wrapping although the inner sheath is closely fitted on the laid up Cores, it can be stripped with ease without damaging the insulation.


Cables are available as under :-

  • PVC Cables           Thermoplastic dielectric
  • XLPE Cables          Thermosetting dielectric
  • PE Cables              Thermosetting dielectric

PVC cables use PVC compounds that take care of over load and short circuit currents with both coarse & fine protection systems.

XLPE cables use XLPE compound with anti oxidant stabilizers and traces of aromatic polynuclear hydrocarbons. Thus improving electrical treeing characteristics and mechanical strength of insulation.


Mechanical protection to the cable is provided with armoring. Single core cables are armored with Aluminum or Aluminum alloy wire /strips to avoid magrtetic losses.
Multcore cables are armored with galvanized steel wire/steel tafe.

Polyester Top

Laying up are tested on line during production both for physical and electrical characteristics. For multicore cables, cores are laid on latest laying machine. Equipped with sector correction equipments.

Outer Sheath

The color of Outer sheath is normally black. The Black color is ultra violet ray resistant when cable is installed in open atmosphere & subjected to direct solar radiation. Apart from this Gemini Cables also opportunities with following specific properties :-

  • Flame retardation
  • Low smoke & low halogen.
  • High temperature application with HV.
  • PVC for spiriting temperature up to 80oC

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