LT-PVC Power & Control Cables

Tirupati Plastomatics is Designed and Manufactured With Polymer Dielectric To Bear Thermal and Thermo mechanical stresses safely at continuous normal and short circuit temperature conditions.

Tirupati Plastomatics PVC Cables use PVC compounds that take care of overload and short circuit current with both coarse and fine protection system.

Tirupati Plastomatics PVC Control cables of 1.5/2.5 sq. mm control cables are manufactured upto range of 61 croes as per the relevant specifications.

Tirupati Plastomatics PVC Control cables are provided with PVC insulation as per the requirement of the process of specification.

Tirupati Plastomatics manufactures both armoured and unarmoured cables.

Tirupati Plastomatics XLPE Cables are manufactured by us as relevent Indian and International Standards upto and including 1.1 KV voltage grade.We use XLPE compounds with anti-oxidants stabilizers and traces of aromatic polynuclear hydrocarbon thus improving electical testing characteristics and mechnical strength of insulation.High Voltage Cables are produced on Latest Computer Controlled Triple Extrusion Insulating Line using Digital DC Drives and PLCs for process control.

Advantages of LT-XLPE Cables Over PVC Cables
  • Higher Current Rating and Short Circuit Rating.
  • Higher Insulation & Moisture Resistance.
  • Better Resistance to Surge Currents.
  • Better Resistance to Chemicals & Corrosion.
  • Low Dielectric Loses.
  • Longer Service Life.
  • Thermoset in nature so better Electrical & Mechanical Properties.
  • Smaller Diameter & Lighter in weight.
    One size lower cable can be used as compared to PVC cables.
Mining Cables

We manufacture the winding wires which are insulated with superior grade HR PVC compound in ultra modern plant under stringent and resistance to abrasions.

A special range of insulated winding wires with stranded copper conductor for high HP submersible pump and motors for heavy duty applications such as pumps used in mines, winding wires with double insulation is also manufactured by us.

We ensure the cables as per the relevant national and international specifications.

Custom Requirements

“Tirupati Plastomatics” 3 core flat cables manufactured by us which used by farmers to energize the submersible pumps used for lifting the underground water.

Tirupati Plastomatics flat cables are produced from best quality electrolytic copper, which is drawn, on-line annealed & bunched on automatic manufacturing machines.

The other sheath is made by special grade PVC to ensure that Grease, Water, Oil etc does not effect the conductors. These cables are processed on twin extrusion line which meets and withstands the deamnding needs of submersible pump motor power supply.