General Construction

General Construction

Tirupati Plastomatics PVC insulated Cables are manufactured confirming to IS:1554/Part-1/1988 and XLPE Insulated as per IS:7098/Part-1/1988.

The conductor of power cables is made from EC grade aluminum or annealed electrolytic copper.All conductors conform to IS:8130. The conductors are solid / stranded / compact circular / sector shaped.

In PVC Power Cables the conductor is insulated with the poly vinyl chloride covering over conductor as insulation by extrusion process and In XLPE Power Cables cross linked polyethylene covering as insulation over conductor by extrusion process.

For identification of cores the following colour scheme is adopted :

  • 1 Core Red, Black, Yellow, Blue
  • 2 Cores Red & Black
  • 3 Cores Red, Yellow & Blue
  • 3.5 & 4 Cores Red, Yellow, Blue & Black (Reduced Neutral Core in case of 3.5 Core_
General Construction

Laying Up
In multicore cables, cores are laid up together with a suitable lay, the outer most layer is laid up in right hand and successive layer with opposite lay. The interstices are filled with non-hygroscopic material wherever necessary to make the laid-up cores circular.LT-XLPC

Inner Sheath
The laid up cores are provided with the PVC inner sheath by extrusion or by wrapping of PVC Tape. Single core cables do not have inner sheath.

Armouring is applied over inner sheath incase the calculated diameter over inner sheath does not exceed 13 mm, the armour consists of galvanized round steel wires. Where the calculated diameter over the inner sheath is greater than 13 mm the armour generally consists of flat steel.

If required, the cable can be manufactured with steel wire where calculated diameter of cable exceeds 13 mm. Single core cables are provided with aluminum Wire/Strip armouring.

Outer Sheath
Outer Sheath is of PVC compound applied by extrusion over Insulation in case of unarmoured single core cables, over inner sheath in case of unarmoured multicore cables & over armouring in case of armoured cables.

The name Tirupati Plastomatics is embossed on the outer sheath of the cable at regular intervals. The word ELECTRIC is also embossed to distinguish these cables from Mining Cables. The FRLS/FR cables bear an additional legend FRLS or FR as the case may be. Any other information required by the customer can also be embossed.

Constituents Code
Aluminum conductor A
XLPE insulation 2X
PVC insulation Y
Steel round wire armour W
Steel strip armour F
Steel double round wire armour WW
Steel double strip armour FF
Non-magnetic (A1) round wire armour Wa
Non-magnetic (A1) strip armour Fa
PVC outer sheath Y